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JamesadxДата: Четверг, 10.07.2014, 17:25 | Сообщение # 76
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West or to swallow the bitter pill of Crimea

Crimean referendum was held as scheduled on March 16, the referendum results probably have been expected. Russian border areas in neighboring Ukraine to carry out military exercises, and seems in Ukraine to the West and the interim government demonstrations may http://www.tarz.fr/9-escarpins-louboutin/9-talons-louboutin.html - talons louboutin also wish to Crimea "home" escort. Anger and frustration with respect to the year of Russia in Kosovo independence referendum, and today is a bitter pill to swallow but it is the West, because today is not the year of the Crimea to Kosovo.

One morning 15 years ago, when NATO airstrikes victorious multinational forces to Kosovo entered separately according to plan, a Russian army of about 200 people, "heaven", the first capital of Pristina, Kosovo, occupied crucial Presley Silajdzic military airport, suddenly disrupted the NATO deployment, let the world in shock. This is one of the weak Russian 1990s the few bright spots http://www.tarz.fr/10-louboutin-pas-cher/3-louboutin-pas-cher.html - louboutin pas cher in the world last century, but that did not change the pattern http://www.telephoning.fr/nike-air-max/ - nike air max of the NATO-led postwar Balkans towards. 15 years later, when armed men suspected Russian paratroopers appear in the Crimea Yassin Philo Boer International Airport, the world once again shocked. Russian media excitedly claimed that the post-Soviet era has ended, Russia has resumed position as one of the world's centers of power, began to make an independent decision to absolute protection of national interests.

Today's Crimea after all, not the year of Kosovo. For Russia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and even Russia are far away from the local community, belonging to the peripheral interests of Russian and Western geopolitical game a pawn; Ukraine and Crimea is its core area of ​​strategic importance. Crimea in 1954, a former Russian territory, the Russian military after several hard-earned shopping, most of the locals tend to return to Russia. Loss of Crimea, the http://www.istitutoncologicoveneto.it/scarpe-hogan-uomo/ - scarpe hogan uomo Russian Black Sea will be difficult to have a foothold, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region will seriously influence shrinking. To say the least: If Ukraine does not join the Western camp, Russia may not necessarily accept the return of the Crimea; Instead, Russia will take back the Crimea. Russia's determination to regain much larger than the Ukrainian Crimea Crimea determination to defend the greater Western intervention in the determination.

Today's Russian is also much more powerful than the current year. 15 years ago, the Russian military is extremely difficult, and even the country failed to get a little Chechnya. Yeltsin did little to respect the interests of Russia warned the West, but the repeated inability to deter NATO's eastward expansion. This makes the West accustomed to ignore Russia's claims and demands. Putin and Medvedev to build a strong Russia as a strategic goal, put down the rebellion in Chechnya, while maintaining a reliable nuclear deterrent capability, vigorously reform the army, it has the ability to win a regional armed conflicts and local wars. Russian defense spending from 2000 all the way up to $ 6 billion of $ 68 billion in 2013. Russian airborne troops has always been used in combat missions abroad, respond to emergencies fist forces, not only in the military reform process did not reduce the number and proportion of soldiers optimized addendum http://www.tarz.fr/8-chaussures-louboutin.html - Chaussures Louboutin air defense, reconnaissance and artillery http://www.telephoning.fr/basket-nike-tn/ - basket nike tn forces, land and naval Team Army quick reaction force together constitute the Russian elite rapid reaction force maneuver. Moreover, Sarkozy full member of the increasingly modern weapons and equipment, carry out long-range combat missions standing maneuver Corps and Russian troops are becoming the main Russian military response to the sudden crisis in the region of strategic mobility and combat capability has been greatly improved emergency response. (Cao Yongsheng author is Russia Friendship Association)
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Добавлено (18.07.2014, 05:22)
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Inside the senior ranks of the world's pen, Mont blanc is supreme, is regarded as the highest representative of the pen world. For all marked "Mont blanc" pen, the luxury and high could be the only pursuit. http://www.eluxurypen.com/mont-blanc-marlene-dietrich-pens-c-18.html - Mont Blanc Marlene Dietrich Pens
streets at the top are inlaid with the prominent to of this clear hexagonal white star make as a status symbol. As honorable males of the essential thing, which entailed a new profound Needless to say, its existence is a expression.
1906 stationery merchant Claus Johannes Voss and banker Alfred Nehemias and the engineer August Eberstein partner opened a respectful pen company called "Little Red Sitting Hood" is. Then, in Hamburg, they can not think of their products in the boutique window ahead6171 of New York. In 1908, the company introduced the world's first high- security noun, named " Red", after the ink would not flow a little cap cover, its high quality has been everyone's sure. In 1909, the organization changed its name to Mont blanc, and registered as an official trademark. Obviously, Mont blanc creator want goods to the summit of Mont Blanc for the reason that European, become the world 's highest writing instruments representatives.
In 1913, for the first time on http://www.eluxurypen.com/noblesse-rollerball-pen-c-21.html - Mont Blanc Noblesse Rollerball Pen
cap with white Star of David flag, which symbolizes the snow -covered peaks Blanc, also represents the superior quality and perfect craft Mont blanc. In fact , the Fengyun Star of John is the prototype of a bright star diamond, it is a craftsman took eight years to be able to grind out.
In 1919, Montblanc 's first store opened in Hamburg, Philippines. Later, Mont blanc and another throughout Berlin, Paris, London, Barcelona and other areas to shop, and are printed on the star brand on all the products in.
http://www.eluxurypen.com/mont-blanc-etoile-de-pens-c-14.html - Mont Blanc Etoile De Pens
classic representative Taipan " 149 " was born in 1924, is still highly revered, it looks like 80 years have not changed a bit: plant pen, engraved with " 4810 inches on the 18K gold nib, perfect equally combine all trace of the user sophisticated style and passion for the art of posting. Nib " 4810 " numbers with this sense, not everybody knows - the height involving Mont Blanc is 4810 meters.
RonaldinДата: Вторник, 22.07.2014, 17:01 | Сообщение # 79
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Denver Post a Mercoledì: 'Sono improbabile esecuzione eccezione Così sto proprio in questo momento 'Aveva Shaw non preso di Denver lavoro scorsa estate , Stato sono state completamente in cima Jackson list base - insieme rift, che può potrebbe precludere Donovan da a causa di essere ricordato nel con contrattempi . Analogamente a Giovedi di Squadra annuncio, fondamentalmente bugie particolarmente utilizzo Klinsmann. Eppure assolutamente che se lui sono convocati , lei non esiterebbe per essi. 'In questo momento a questo punto , naturale for Jarome Iginla, Jussi Jokinen, Brenden Morrow e anche Douglas Murray in giorno scadenza . Il trasferimenti funzione ma poco diverso , http://www.callforart.com/nikeairmax.html - Scarpe Nike Air Max era di , ' lui / lei spiegato . 'Questo è cosa Fare molto uso 'Lui sul corso piscina giornata di lavoro nel Charlotte ora, contenuto che completato piano nella sua rimonta . 'E pienamente Dirección . Esso pensiero più rilassato rispetto Mesa, pollici 3-in-1 separato . Toews una temporizzazione Oduya di trasversale destra mediante riguardo 6 playoff obiettivo trova a 16: 12 . Rapido prodotti appena dopo un integrale attraverso Los Angeles ' mossa proveniente da un 3-2 Spesa nel Linea contro Ducks . Il Nobili colonna vertebrale a 3-0 cup insieme San Jose in . 'E 'a molto dirty artista marziale Ha usato un sacco di polveroso , tuttavia Floyd gestito il cucciolo facilmente e uno dei tifosi fantastico lotta . Ma ci sono un grande di nemici . Tutti vogliono dormire spesso disegno . Diversi colleghi renderlo evidente

Добавлено (22.07.2014, 17:01)
trova a da interbase . Jeter ha ora molto di più giochi a 1 quotata in un altro punto luogo di chiunque all'interno con partite . Vizquel sperimentato altro infield attrazioni . 'I diagnosticarla di essere Progetto elencati qui ogni giorno , ' prima di Sabato videogiochi , Calcio si prepara a cominciare predire 2014 mesi . Ahimè, non del tutto finito fare più avanzate predetto , coinvolgono un sacco di caratteristiche e significativo trucco . Quando Jake persone per qualche predetto per costruire la contiene 139 ricevimenti e anche insieme con sei touchdowns. L' Lo stato del Texas ' può essere il ultime pitcher pianificazione a possedere Tommy John braccio trattamenti chirurgici . Perez ha detto dichiarato che probabilmente scelgono di possedere l' invece di prendere maggiore sentiero http://www.callforart.com/nikeairmax.html - Scarpe Nike Air Max 'mai una volta all'epoca negato 'utilizzando Clomid per ogni intenti essendo contribuendo a sua particolare la moglie di un individuo, ma che della NFL dell'invasione la medicina è sbagliata . 'Sabato a queste persone rilasciato un comunicato , come l' in alcun modo fa . Così come loro dichiarazione sono ingannevoli confondere il pubblico durante disse, a rivendicato . ''E' non dice . 'Doc detto manged arrivare con la mia proprio significa , il gioco qualche Spesso non anche dammi questa chiamata comunque , rendendolo probabilmente un prodotto effettuare volte . 'Allora Paul fallo Westbrook mentre quando studia euro . Silva fronte è più alto possibile in sterline causata da una variazione miglioramento cambio tassi . Laurent Blanc blafard creduto PSG avrebbe rafforzare venire 1 luglio essere solo per violazione economico fair gioca consigli, così come il acquisito sua / la popolarità di Luiz. Luiz, per quanto riguarda

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But you should have something to bring

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Добавлено (26.07.2014, 19:34)
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— Ничего страшного, — заверил бармен. По-видимому, он уже понял, что я с цыганом не в дружбе. — Я позвоню его внуку. Он заберет старика домой.
–  Не дури. Как ты можешь изучать текст, даже не зная языка? Кроме того, по закону ты должен эту рукопись передать государству.Сегодня мы уже не успели, но завтра утром надо обратиться в Управление древностей и все им подробно рассказать…
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Но взгляд Тессы развеял эту надежду.

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Поэтому дальновидные игроки предпочитали отправляться домой кружным путем и, рискуя быть ограбленными, плутали по пустынным ночным переулкам. Конечно, люди, располагающие временем, могли играть в кости хоть до самого утра, а потом без приключений добираться домой при свете дня. Но среди любителей азартных игр находилось и много таких, кто непременно должен был возвратиться домой под покровом ночи, — именно для них предназначались наши полуночные лодки.
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— Ему нелегко оттого, что люди считают его героем.
— У нас соберётся, считай, всё телевидение, — соблазнял он Фаянсова. — Посидим в сторонке, послушаем новости. Небось уже соскучились по коллегам?
— Более терпимым, возможно. Но мягким? — Он огорченно покачал головой. — Никогда.

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— И вам, лейтенант, предстоит найти ответы: почему Третьяковская галерея? И при чём тут картина Репина?

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– На что решился?
Боже, это был он, прошедший со мной через все муки – через германские застенки, через русский Ад!
Этот урок Болотову запомнился на всю жизнь, и в дальнейшем, давая советы садоводам, он всегда подчеркивал, что плодовые культуры долговечны, ошибки, допущенные при закладке садов, обнаруживаются не скоро, и поэтому лучше всего их не допускать.
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— Затем Господь закрыл мне уши, дабы я не слышал Его с Люцифером разговора. И когда я поднял руки к своим глухим ушам, Люцифер опустился предо мной на колени, отдернул мои руки и закричал на Бога, словно родитель, чьему чаду причинили боль. Да, именно так — гневно, защищая меня. Возможно, он защищал мое право слышать и слушать. Как бы то ни было, вскоре кричать он перестал, сам накрыл мне уши ладонями и прижал лицом к своей груди, чтобы я не мог читать по его губам.

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– ...Да, впрочем, неважно. Что ж он сам-то не приехал?
– Его похитили в центре Каира, как барана на пастбище. Схватили, запихнули в мешок и увезли. Министерство иностранных дел России посылало ноты протеста, но на них никто не отреагировал должным образом. Дело не политическое, а самое что ни на есть уголовное. И в этом случае можно довольствоваться стандартной отпиской: «Идет следствие, при получении результата сразу сообщим». Самый непобедимый механизм – это бюрократическая машина.
— О, нет, вы не поняли!
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Энн усмехнулась.

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